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Are you looking to increase your sales? Are you looking to purchase any product that you cannot find anywhere for which you have high demand ? Are you looking to get a market insight ? Then you are at the right place .

The johri bazar is a simplified marketplace where a user can explore , buy and sell all kind of gemstones , diamonds , jewelry and its related items. The johri bazar is an organized marketplace , where the buyer and seller can do the business easily , with facilities like countering prices , amount holding gaurantee facility , big varieties , post leads and many more .

About Us

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Our Value proposition

  • Procuring Right Product At Right Time

  • Lowest Possible Prices

  • Negotiation Countering The Prices

  • Genuine Suppliers And Money Safety

  • Market Insights

  • Boost Sales

  • Market Insight

  • Fast Payments

  • Decrease Bad Inventory

  • Access to Big Scale Customers Around the Globe

Why the Johri Bazar

  • Grow your business amongst large number of users

  • Minimum Commission and Charges

  • Huge Variety with Price Options

  • Virtual Showcase with Latest Designs

  • No Middleman

  • Fast and Direct Sourcing of Products

  • Emi-Features and Money Safety

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